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Mathis, Johnny | THE COMPLETE GLOBAL ALBUMS COLLECTION | Sony Legacy | 13 CD Box

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During his run at Columbia Records, Mathis founded his own production company called Global Records, and from 1963-67 released some of the most personal and hip material of his career. This 13 disc set has all of the original releases in their sleeves along with a previously “lost” album of Broadway show tunes and a couple of discs that have singles and previously unreleased songs. The collection is a vocal feast of smooth jazz vocals before it was “smooth.” – Jazz Weekly.


  • The Sounds Of Christmas (1963)
  • Tender Is The Night (1964)
  • The Wonderful World Of Make-Believe (1964)
  • This Is Love (1964)
  • Ole (1965)
  • Love Is Everything (1965)
  • The Sweetheart Tree (international edition, aka Away From Home, 1965)
  • The Shadow Of Your Smile (1966)
  • So Nice (1966)
  • Johnny Mathis Sings (1967)

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